I’m more than a music artist. I am an advocate for the people. My love for America is my canvas for creativity, and standing up for the freedom and rights of people is my art. It’s more important to me to share my message and musical gift to the world than to display all my past achievements and successes. But here a few facts about me that I hope inspire you to take a journey with me in life, love and music:

I was invited to a party at Don King’s house, and was introduced to him as Shey. He introduced me to everyone else and kept calling me “Shey Baby” the rest of the evening. Let’s say the name is now my claim to fame.
I believe the people should stand up for the things they believe in. My mission is to inspire people to stand for America, keep dreaming and have the liberty to make their dreams come true.
I believe life is a journey, and being empowered to live it to it’s fullest is a must
You know your soul mate when no matter how tough life may get, you stay in your circle of love
Dancing brings me joy and I love it! Come dance with me through life

I pray my music inspires you, my message empowers you and my movement to “STAND UP” awakens you…